Battery Makita 12v 3Ah NiMh 1235


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Battery Makita 12v 3Ah NiMh 1235

This battery can replace the Makita 1234 battery with more capacity and autonomy.

This battery is compatible with the Makita machines:

MAKITA 1000 series 
Makita 1050, Makita 1050 d, Makita 1050DWD
Makita 4000 series
Makita 4191D Makita 4013D, Makita 4331D Makita 4331DWD Makita 4331DWDE
Makita series 5093 
Makita 5093DWD Makita 5093D
Makita 6000 series
Makita 6213D, Makita 6213DWBE, 6216D Makita, Makita 6216DWBE, Makita 6216DWDE, Makita 6217 d, Makita 6217DWDE, Makita 6217DWDLE, Makita 6223D, Makita 6227D, 6227DWBE Makita, Makita 6313D, Makita 6313DWBE, Makita 6914D, Makita 6314DWBE, Makita 6316D, Makita 6316DWB, Makita 6316DWBE Makita 6317DWFE Makita 6319D Makita 6317, Makita 6317DWDE Makita 6317DWDRE Makita 6319DWFE Makita 6835D Makita 6835DWB MAKITA 6835DWD,
Makita 6914DWDE, Makita 6916D, 6916DWDE Makita, MAKITA 6916FDWDE, Makita6916FDWDE1, Makita 6917D, Makita 6917DWDE Makita 6917FDWDE Makita 6918D Makita 6918DWD Makita 6918DWDE Makita 6918DWF Makita 6918DWFE Makita 6918FDWDE Makita 6918DWFE,
Makita 6980FD, Makita 6980FDWDE
Makita 8400 series
Makita 8413D Makita 8413DWDE Makita 8413DWFE Makita 8414DWFE

Makita series DA 
Makita DA312DWF, Makita DA312D, Makita DA312DWD
Makita series ML
Makita ML120, Makita ML121(Head Lamp), ML122, ML123(Fluorescent Automotive Light), Makita Makita ML124 Makita

Makita series UB 
Makita UB120D, Makita UB120DWB Makita UB121D
Makita series CPU
Makita UC120D, Makita UC120DWD, Makita UC170D, Makita UC170DWD
Makita series VR
Makita VR250D, Makita VR251D Makita VR251DWDE

  • Voltage (V): 12 V
  • Capacity (Ah): 3
  • Technology: NiMh
  • Type: Battery
  • Model: Original manufacturer



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