Make great savings! Alkaline battery or Rechargeable battery

Publié le 06/19/2014

How to make savings on your purchases of batteries AA LR6 or AAA LR3, C or D 

To save... Recharge! 

The batteries have become the source of energy of many devices: toys, music players, cameras, clocks, etc.

Today we have the choice between disposable batteries and rechargeable "batteries" rechargeable. If their appearance is the same, their economic and environmental impacts are very different...

The most common sizes are LR3 (AAA), Mignon (AA), baby (C), LR20 (D). The difference in voltage of 1.2V batteries and 1.5V for batteries, have no impact on the operation of the unit, however the amperage could affect the autonomy of the use.

Rechargeable batteries (batteries/rechargeable batteries) are largely in mind, that one speaks of power purchase or minimal amount of waste, but it sells yet still more than one million of disposable batteries in France per year. Yet, a simple change usual could reduce the energy and ecological budget.

Strong and weak points 

Disposable alkaline batteries

  • For: efficient, low cost, long shelf life.
  • Cons: contain many heavy metals, wasteful energy, used too much generate too much waste.

Example: AA Varta 4006D 4020

Rechargeable batteries

  • Pros: very economic to use, participate in the reduction of waste, new efficient technologies, more ecological (NiMH)
  • Cons: will discharge faster, less suited to occasional equipment, presence of heavy metals in the NiCd

Example: Hr3u SanyoVARTA professional AA 2600

Rechargeable = savings

Use rechargeable batteries should be a reflex for all appliances which consume much or who are very used, because the rechargeable battery can save hundreds of dollars per year over the use of disposable batteries.

The calculations here on a simple household use are speaking

For a game console joystick Wii used on average 2 hours per day, if you are using a rechargeable batteriesspend between 20 and 30 € per year. If you buy a disposable batteries It will spend between 200 and 700 € .

To listen 2 h per day a player running with 2 AA batteriesthe use of alkaline batteries cost between 120 and 190 euros per year, while a rechargeable NiMH costs only € 2.50 if considering the amortization of the charger over 10 years. The first lasts
about 6 days (or 12.5 hours continuously), the second more than 4 years (2920 hours continuously).

And in terms of waste, rechargeable work again after a year of use, while should be treated between 350 and 400 batteries using a disposable. Yet if they allow to avoid the accumulation of waste, the rechargeable batteries must not be to much thrown in our household garbage: end-of-life after 400 to 1000 loads, dispose of them at collection points near you, or through our site in clicking here.

Financial gain, if obviously it depends on use and the type of equipment, is still to go whether it's cameras, GPS, toys that run on batteries, radio controlled cars or electric trains.

Some deprecated usages

If rechargeable batteries are required whenever a device is highly solicited or energy-intensive, they are not suitable for the equipment that typically consume very little, alarm clocks, clocks, video remote controls, smoke detectors)specific lithium battery). Alkaline disposable batteries are working perfectly for several years without having to be changed, replace batteries so no interest, nor any profitability.

Ready to use type batteries "Ready to use"
Ready to use batteries are sold loads and can be used immediately unpacked. They are not always loaded to the maximum, the first use will be generally shorter.

On the other hand, ready to use rechargeable batteries take longer load if they are not used. The current Ni-MH batteries are generally less sensitive to the self-discharge.

What charger to buy with rechargeable batteries

If one buys in general a set charger/rechargeable batteries in the same packaging, it is quite possible to ungroup. The Ni-MH batteries can be charged with any Ni-MH charger of quality, that it is the same brand or not.

Our advice

  • If it is a first purchase, buy a pack that includes charger and batteries Varta offers this type of pack powerful as rechargeable batteries with the CHARGER LCD VARTA + 4 AA 2500MAH
  • If you already have a charger and you need a new set of batteries, you can opt for the Sanyo AA 2500mAh.
  • Caution do not mix references or marks in the box batteries device, insert identical batteries.
  • Batteries often need two or three cycles of recharge to function to the maximum of their capabilities.


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