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All batteries to help you garden

Publié le 04/18/2014

Garden tools are essential to maintain the garden, lawn and hedges, and the number of batteries used for gardening continues to grow. You will find here some examples of uses:

Batteries for lawn mowers

  • Batteries for electric mowers require a high power since all power is based on these. Bosch 36V 4.5AH Ultra-Power for lawnmower Rotak battery is perfectly suitable for large surfaces. They are usually Lithium ion to have a better ratio weight / power. They have no self-discharge, no memory effect and a charging time short. Opt for a set of 2 batteries do not fall down in the middle of the garden.
  • The thermal engine start battery are less powerful, usually lead. The lead Fiamm 12V 9Ah 12FGHL34 battery high discharge can provide a quick start to your engine. Setting up and connection are easy thanks to the lugs fast - on. They require no maintenance aside from a verification of the load.
  • Batteries for riding mowers are open lead and require more regular maintenance. The Battery mower lawn 12V 24Ah U1 - R9 allows the mower a boot and a range of traction. You can use your mower in an optimal way. the standard riding mower battery has a voltage of 12V, sufficient for long use duration.

How to maintain his lawn mower battery

To preserve your battery deep discharge or a deposit of sulphate Clipper, disconnect a Terminal (pole + or-) of your device after it be recharged completely. Do preferably on lead batteries, before the seasons of mowing in early spring or after the fall.

During winter periods, your mower will be at rest, its battery must be properly stored:

  • Disconnect the battery to not discharge deep way, an essential gesture during long periods of inactivity;
  • In background processing, reload every two months your device for two or three hours;
  • The battery must be tested on a regular basis of its acid level. Do preferably after each use.

Batteries for hedge wireless

Batteries for size hurdles are all Lithium-ion for a better weight / power.

Batteries for blowers wireless, trimmer

BOSCH 18V battery 1, 5Ah LI-ON sliding is a generic battery that fits all of the following devices:

  • drill PSR 18 LI-2, PSB 18 LI-2
  • Sander PSM 18 LI (1600Z00000)
  • for the cutting edge wireless Bosch ART26 Li
  • Hedge trimmer Bosch AHS52 LI and AHS48 LI

Batteries for walking tractors and tillers

Thermal tillers have a specific range of batteries.

These batteries open lead on capacity 17Ah to 32Ah. They allow the motor to start easily. The size must be appropriate to the device. It should never be stored unloaded.

Some references of batteries for tillers 

Batteries for electric sprayers

Some sprays of pesticides and fertilizers are motorized. The pumps are powered by batteries Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or lead sealed. Examples:

Batteries for electric chainsaws

The electric chain saw Wireless offers an autonomy of 15-25 minutes - which according to the constructors is sufficient to make 100 to 150 cuts of wood of 35 mm. Maintenance is reduced but requires to recharge the battery of 6 to 8 hours. This purchase is considered only for limited ad hoc work or if the machine is sold with several fast charging batteries.

So, you can opt for 2 Battery 36V Li-ion BOSCH 2.6Ah. 


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