Diving lights battery replacement

Published on 05/5/2014


The autonomy of your dive light is directly related to the maintenance of the battery. If your headlight works only a few minutes, it is time to replace the batteries.

Some lighthouses are busy, and batteries often mistreated.

  • Water leaks can oxidize the battery and cause a partial or complete destruction of the batteries. Rust will slowly destroy the battery pack if the Lighthouse is not removed regularly, greased o-ring seals, dry threads.
  • Deep dumps have been made during the previous dives. Extensive use of Lighthouse too discharged the battery. Your battery has long remained without serve and be loaded (2 to 3 months). It will be very difficult to return to a normal state of charge. A battery change is required.
  • A bad charge has damaged the battery pack, and autonomy has dropped by half; So with a slow charger, the charge lasted more than 12 or 14 hours, the elements have suffered an overload. Do not forget to reload a time proportional to the previous discharge (for example: on a lighthouse with 20mn of autonomy, if it was unloaded during the dive that 10 minutes, it will suffice to load it for 6 hours instead of 12 hours.)

Council : If you are not sure to be able to monitor and intervene to stop a partial charge (6 H instead of 12 H for example, use a programmer.

For all these reasons Batteries4pro.com proposes to change the battery of the lighthouse by replacing electrical components.

Dimensions and technical specifications are identical to the original battery. The capacity and the technology does not change, so you won't need to change your charger.

A large number of batteries of lights can be replaced. Batteries4pro offers you a selection of the most used lights below. 

Different battery technologies are used in the headlights of diving. The first generations were lead and had a low autonomy. The following generations to NiCd and NiMh have the advantage of being lighter and less bulky. It is mainly these batteries that can be reconditioned. The latest generation lithium is not, to date, the possibility of being rebuilt.

If you have a beacon that would not be in this list, please feel free to contact us to request a quote. By phone at 02 47 54 51 57 or by email to clicking here.

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