Battery bikes electric compatible BOSCH, KALKHOFF, RALEIGH, HAIBIKE

Published on 09/13/2017

Autonomy-compatible batteries has selected best compatible batteries to give you any satisfaction.

  • A perfect on the connections and form compatibility. It will perfectly fit your bike
  • Autonomy is increased thanks to a more important than the original battery amperage. With a battery of 13Ah instead 8Ah (the most common capacity) of your usage time will be extended for as much.
  • Thanks to their lithium-ion cells, compatible batteries can be partially recharged at any time, regardless of their State of charge. Loading interruptions do not damage the battery. Similarly, a complete discharge is not necessary.
  • The one year warranty will allow you to test the battery with confidence.

Compatible bikes Ebike Powerpack 300 BOSCH batteries

New compatible 36V ebike Bosch batteries are available in two formats. 

  • Installed on the frame, the compatible PowerPack is close to the center of gravity of your EAV and gives you great stability.

This battery fits perfectly into the framework and has a handle strap and rubber as the original battery. His 13Ah amperage makes it more powerful than the powerpack300 of origin to 8Ah.

  • Battery rack fits bikes with low entry frame. His 13Ah amperage makes it also more powerful than the powerpack300 of origin to 8Ah.

Battery compatible bike HAIBIKE Yamaha

This battery fits all bikes electric range Haibike Sduro. Its identical to the original profiling gives a perfect framework integration. She also fits all bikes have the Yamaha PWSeries engine X 94 - 8212 A-20 and X0S - 8212 to-20

This 36V 13Ah battery fits bikes WINORA Y280. X, Y420. X, Y520. X, Y610. X its weight of 3.4 for 13Ah gives him power of 468 Wh.

The Central Yamaha engine combined with 13Ah battery will provide powerful assistance while maintaining a level of autonomy very satisfying more than 100km, in mode Eco.


36V with its peculiar shape 13Ah battery fits bikes fitted with a Panasonic Impulse engine. As for the electric bike Kalkhoff Tasman Classic Impulse 8, it will fit under the seat side wheel.

The original charger adapts perfectly to the battery compatible kalkhoff 36V. 

The motor impulse and 13Ah battery will allow you to roll more than 140 Km with a power of 70Nm and you will surprise by its very big silence but also his gradual acceleration.

Maintenance tips

The batteries of electric bikes don't require special care however some precautions are to be taken to extend the life:

  • Use a suitable charger. The Chargers provided with bikes electric are smart, that is to say that they know to stop the charge when the battery is full.
  • Avoid deep discharge regardless of technology: do wait until the battery is low to recharge; This is even more valid in cold weather.
  • After a refill it is better to wait an hour before using the bike and after use, let stand at least an hour the battery before recharging.
  • Cold batteries are less powerful and more fragile, so it is recommended to not force early in the use.


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