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Published on 10/6/2017

You want to change your batteries, remote controls and commands of cranes, BATTERIES4PRO.COM offers all compatible references to brands: Scanreco, Hetronic, Jay, Hiab, Palfinger, Falard...


Battery 7.2v NiMh Scanreco 590/592 is replaced with a simple gesture.

Battery 7.2V 2000mAh NiMh Type SCANRECO 592

If you want associated with this battery charger we offer the following products:

Sector and cigarette lighter charger type SCANRECO 435 590 battery

SCANRECO 439 for 590 battery cigarette lighter charger



Battery for Hetronic 68305001 remote control of crane and deck rolling stock

Batteries4pro offers this battery of 2.1Ah to increase your independence.

Battery 3.6V 2Ah for remote Hetronic Mini 68300900

HETRONIC Nova Ergo 9.6 750mAh battery



Battery type 3.6V 700mAh for remote JAY UDB2

JAY 2.4v UJZE2024 for UJ transmitter battery / UP

Battery UDB2 JAY for remote DEU

Model original manufacturer



Battery 7.2V 1500mAh for HIAB Hi Drive 4000 and Combi Drive 5000

We offer 2 options: new battery or compatible battery (see bottom of page)

Battery 7.2V for Hiab XS Drive, H378-6692, H379-6692



Battery for Falard 7.2V Li-ion RC12, RCIR12, TIM12 2.6Ah

Model original manufacturer

Battery Falard 3.6V Li-ion for radio control F20, F50, F70, F80

Model original manufacturer

Battery 7.2V 700mAh type 6HR5/4AAA PB7.2 Falard

Battery 2 x 6V 1.2Ah for remote control FALARD


BATTERIES4PRO.COMalso offers reconditioning batteries Autec, Elca, Ravioli, Ikusi, Imet...

For this it's simple!

After ordering on our website BATTERIES4PRO.COMYou must send us your old battery.

Once received, your battery will be supported by our technicians who will change the items inside your shell.

Within 48 / 72 hours. BATTERIES4PRO.COM takes care of return you your battery "brand-new"!

We guarantee you the same autonomy and the same lifetime as the original battery.

Below is a wide selection of batteries for reconditioning.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a reference that you can't find on our site BATTERIES4PRO.COM.



Autec FUA10 7.2V Battery reconditioning / NC0707L

AUTEC MH0707L 7.2V FUA10 Battery reconditioning

Battery 7.2V 750mAh MBM06MH Autec reconditioning

AUTEC LBM02MH 2.4V Light series Battery reconditioning



ELCA PINC-GEH 7.2v NiMh Battery reconditioning

Reconditioning ELCA PINC-07J 7.2V NiCd



RAVIOLI NH800 3.6V 800mAh NiMh Battery reconditioning



Reconditioning battery IKUSI 4.8V BT24iK for T70/3, T70/4, IK3 iK4 and

Reconditioning battery IKUSI 4.8V BT06k for remote T70/1 and T70/2

Battery 7.2V BT06 for remote TM61 and TM62 IKUSI reconditioning

Battery 7.2V BT12 for remote TM63 and TM64 IKUSI reconditioning

Battery 7.2V BT-7205 to remote TM50 IKUSI reconditioning

Reconditioning battery IKUSI 10.8V BT-1A2H for remote TM50



IMET BE6000 AS034 remote control 6V battery reconditioning

2.4V IMET BE5000 AS037 remote control Battery reconditioning

Reconditioning the battery 3.6V IMET BE5500 AS060 remote control

Reconditioning the battery 3.6V IMET BE5500 AS060 remote control

IMET BE6700 AS001 remote control 6V battery reconditioning

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