Ready for the plunge? Check the batteries for your pool

Published on 05/14/2018

It is important for your health to swim in clear, clean water which will also allow you to extend the life of your facility. The presence of green algae, leaves, sand, and insects are all things that must be addressed before the commissioning of the pool. So, it's time to check the maintenance equipment in order to enjoy the most.

Your Electric automatic or vacuum pool cleaning robot not work anymore?

Indeed, your equipment could be damaged after those long winter days. Panic not in you quickly to buy a new one but seek first to identify the cause of the failure. If your problem is not related to a turbine blocked or clogged filter bags, nor to the waterline on your robot or the State of its tracks and wheels, it is probably a fault associated with your engine battery. Good news, you can replace it by yourself (not recommended for the equipment or facilities under warranty).

Batteries may be damaged or in a State of deep discharge in which case it will be necessary to replace them. To check the status of your battery:

  1. Please have a multimeter,
  2. Connect the red lead to the (+) Terminal and the black wire to the (-) terminal on your battery poles.
  3. Compare the voltage listed on the battery casing and one written on the multimeter.

If the meter voltage is lower than listed on the box, your battery is end of life.

Several choices in order to maintain the operation of your equipment:

  • Buy your original battery manufacturer or compatible)DolphinHayward, ZodiacAstralPool, Kokido...) on
  • Contact us to recondition your battery with new batteries (quotation on request by sending references and photos to)

Note: If you change the battery, do not throw it away with your household waste. Think of filing it with the point collection nearest you or directly at Batterie4pro (400 rue Emile Dewoitine, 37 210 to Eastmalling-Meslay).

Finally, don't forget to check your security system for pool (detections of immersion and perimetric alarms) or that of your components and automatic covers (led, Hydro South, Bahia, Abriblue...). Find our products of original and compatible brands to change your batteries, or think to consult us for any renovation according to the model.


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