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Batteries4pro.com obtains the ISO 14001: 2004 certification

Certification ISO 14001

Why be certified ISO 14001

The establishment of the environmental management system is the right balance between profitability and reducing environmental impact. 
At Batteries4pro, setting up a system of management according to the ISO 14001 standard allows not only to anticipate regulatory constraints and the requirements of the clients, but also to open new markets and improve its image. Batteries4pro therefore gaining competitiveness by streamlining its production costs and controlling its activity over the long term (preservation of the site, prevention of pollution, recycling of waste, greenhouse gas reduction, etc.).

Respect for the environment

Over 250,000 enterprises across 155 countries have applied the requirements of the ISO 14001 for their environmental management system. They thus demonstrate their commitment to meeting the challenges related to the environment.

The ISO 14001 standard mainly concerns the 'environmental management' approach and provides instructions to companies for:

  • minimize the adverse effects for the environment of their activities,
  • continuously improve their environmental performance.
  • This standard is widely recognized as a "generic environmental management systems standard" and can be applied to any types of structure, small or large, regardless of its products or services.

The benefits of the ISO 14001 environmental certification

Being ISO 14001 it is before all give guarantees of seriousness and performance to our customers and our suppliers.

It is also:

  • A standard recognized internationally,
  • A certificate accredited promoting the confidence of clients and stakeholders,
  • A possibility of integration with existing management systems,
  • Expertise by qualified auditors in the field of the environment,
  • The homogeneity of the audit methodology.

Feel free to contact us for further information on the ISO 14001 standard.

Click on the image to download the certificate ISO 14001: 2004 of batteries4pro.com

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