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6V 2Ah sealed lead battery Battery 6V 2Ah: pro for all equipment You need a lead battery sealed 6V 2Ah for your motorcycle or scooter motor? For your electric gate? For your leisure devices? Batterie4pro offers a wide choice of models, corresponding to the needs of all: two-wheel drivers, mechanics, business... Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you can order online 2Ah battery you need; in 90% of cases, you will receive within 48 hours. Choose your among the largest references 2Ah battery On Batterie4pro, you can find the best brands of batteries 6V 2Ah sealed lead: Tudor, Panasonic, Yuasa, Powerfit, Cyclon or Sonnenschein. We have selected these brands for their recognized reliability: by ordering on our site, you are so some receive a battery 2Ah with optimum life. Furthermore, we conduct serious tests and offer only validated by our quality Department 2Ah batteries.   Find also our site all our batteries and our batteries

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Par Pierre C. (BOUGUENAIS, France métropolitaine) le 04 June 2020 :


Produit évalué : Saft Arts 1.2V 4Ah VNT DH battery lugs 792307 Produits de qualité livrés bien protégés dans leur emballage cartonné....

Par Monique W. (Mouans Sartoux, France métropolitaine) le 04 June 2020 :


Produit évalué : Battery 14.4V Li-ion compatible cart MOCAD 2.0 and 2.5 MOCAD Merci pour la rapidité d’exécution de ma commande Commandée le lundi et...

Par Guy S. (Waterloo, Belgique) le 04 June 2020 :


Produit évalué : Charger BOSCH screwdriver PSR 10.8 Li and PSR 1080 Li Ce produit répond à mes attentes. Expédition rapide.