How to prolong the life of the Lithium - Ion batteries

Published on 05/19/2014

Tips to extend the life of your Li-ion battery for cordless tools, camera, phone, computer laptop...

1. protect the excessive temperatures

The cold empty batteries, it is advisable to put it in the inside pocket of a coat at low temperatures.

When the temperature starts to climb (> 15 ° C), never leave your battery exposed in sunlight. Above 40 ° C battery may suffer irreversible damage.

2 the charge without overcharging

It is strongly discouraged to recharge its battery excessively, in the same way that it is not good to do it too infrequently.

The ideal is that your battery is always charged between 20% and 80%.

Caution: do not allow the battery to fully drain under penalty of not being able to recharge it.

3 store it optimally

When you are not using your battery for a long period, be sure to charge it up, remove it from the appliance and store it somewhere cool and dry.

Do not keep your battery with metal objects as this could cause a short circuit in the electrical contacts.

4. be attentive to failing battery indicators

  • After a full recharge time decreases.
  • The battery becomes unusually hot during charging.
  • The battery becomes unusually hot during the use of the phone.
  • Your battery case has ballooned. (detectable with the naked eye)

When the appliance is brand new:

  • Make a first load of approx. 12 hours without interruption.
  • Completely unload the appliance on first use.
  • Reload again without interruption.
  • This manipulation to "calibrate" the electronic gauge of your device. So the remaining operating time will be more accurate.
  • For the following uses it is more necessary to wait that the Li-ion battery is empty for reloading. The memory effect does not apply to the Li-ion batteries.


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