How to change you even your watch battery?

Published on 06/3/2014

Change yourself your watch battery

Battery change must usually be made all 18 months (except contrary information from manufacturer). It is therefore important to quickly change a battery used or very old. Indeed, after a while, the battery may run a corrosive substance and thus damage the mechanism of your watch's irremediably.

Should we change it yourself or go through a watchmaker?

If your watch is still under warranty, if it is a sports watch with sealing gasket, it is better to entrust it to a watchmaker. If your watch is classic, as it is not designed to go under water, you can make yourself the battery change.

Be aware that do not handle the battery with your fingers. Pliers type tweezers is recommended.

Especially do not dispose of your old battery the trash. It contains polluting substances. Please put it in the recycling through a specialized network of collection bins, or by consulting our page of collection here.

Read the information on the back of the Watch:

This information is important to find the battery and its change. They often indicate: the reference of the stack 

  • The pressure of the housing (Water resistant 10 bar, 10 ATM...)
  • The water-resistance depth (Water resistant 10 m)
  • The method of opening the cover (screwed, clipse..)

For location of battery watches screwed

(style swatch), there is no particular problem. It is easily recognized by its round cache in the form of battery located on the back of the watch. Its advantage is access to the stack without opening the full housing.
Examples of batteries:

How to proceed?

  1. Unscrew the cover by placing a small coin into the slot. The meaning you is clarified by the signs + and -.
  2. Replace the battery
  3. Position your stack in the correct direction and replace the contacts. At this time your watch should work. Do the check before closing the housing.
  4. Replace the cache

Watches Swatch Skin/Swatch Touch / Fun Scuba require a tool to change the battery. Need to open the battery cover carefully with a small flat screwdriver lever. Place the positive side battery (+) in the bottom of the cover. Then press the cover with the battery positioned inside the watch case, until you hear a small "click".

For watches at bottom clips

This type of wallpaper is simply clipped into the housing. A thin slit or notch on the side of the watch allows the opening.

How to proceed?

Do leverage by sliding your blade or mini screwdriver into the slot without forcing! The battery is usually maintained by a tab or a contact to unscrew. Replace the battery in correct polarity orientation

At this time your watch should work. Do the check before closing the housing.

Reclipsez the bottom ensuring that the gasket be clean and properly prepared at the edge of the box.
Some models require great pressure to be reclipses, in this case, the use of pliers farm-boxes is necessary.

For watches thoroughly screwed

This model this generally 6 notches on the edge of the back of the watch.
These notches allow bind the claws of it housing opened.

How to proceed?

If you do not have to open housing, you can use a small needle nose pliers to
a rotation in the clockwise direction. Be careful not to scratch the casing by escape the clamp. A rubber glove can also be effective by pressure and rotation, if the housing is not too tight.

At each watch its battery

The stack size varies depending on the model. Note the reference of the cell of origin for cell adapted model. You Here the correlation table indicating the reference of battery between various brands.
Attention all batteries do not apply. If the lifetime of a watch button cell, is an average of 12 to 18 months, the conditions of use (temperature variations, humidity...) and features type alarm clock, stopwatch, barometer strongly influence the autonomy.
We recommend that you choose a stack of Varta or Renata (swatch) mark. Their life expectancy is greater and you have a product to the standards. 

In all cases you must check the condition of the gasket along the housing.

Do not hesitate to replace it properly and thoroughly clean. A bad establishment can create condensation and a rapid oxidation of the housing.

Battery for conventional watches

For simple watches which only provide time, better use Silver Oxide batteries.

The multifunction watch batteries

If your watch has many features: choose a button Lithium battery, which enjoys a higher voltage.


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