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Published on 06/13/2014

Yuasa is world leader in the design and manufacture of sealed stationary batteries lead

The range of batteries Yuasa is one of the widest range of batteries available from a single interlocutor able to meet most of the needs of your applications.
The main available at YUASA ranges are:

The NP range:

Yuasa batteries NP and NPH are the best selling batteries in the world. Reliable and robust, they work without maintains and in all directions.
Ranging from 6v to 12v and 0.8Ah to 65Ah NP range covers all needs of autonomous energy.
All NP batteries use the unique system Yuasa of immobilization of electrolyte incorporating microporous fiberglass to hold a maximum amount of electrolyte in the elements. The electrolyte is retained in the separator product and there is no free electrolyte that can flee elements. No gel or other contaminant is added.

The Fast lugs on equipping the Yuasa range up to 12Ah

The reference FR at the end of the Yuasa reference indicates that batteries are fire-resistant, resistant to heat for use in demanding conditions. These batteries are compliant with UL1778 specifications.

A few NP batteries: NP4-6, NP2.1 - 12, NP7-12NP17-12

The NPL range:

The range NPL is an optimized version of the NP model which allows to obtain a longer life expectancy (10 years). All other qualities and operational characteristics are the same, which allows users to have the same mechanical and electrical design for both products.
Ranging from 6v to 12v and 24Ah to 200Ah for applications rather directed towards security telecoms and emergency lighting.
Some batteries NPL: NPL24-12, NPL65-12NPL38-12

The NPC range:

The range NPC for application in cycling, presents two times longer than the equivalent batteries conventional life. Only available in 12V it offers a wide range of capacities from 17Ah to 100Ah
The NPC battery allows 500 charge/discharge cycles, or two times more cycles that do conventional batteries 75% of P.D.D (depth of discharge).
Applications are as varied as wheelchairs, Golf Caddies, lawn turf, lighting, photovoltaic and wind devices, communication devices, Measuring Instruments.
The batteries for a cycling application are often left discharged after use which causes corrosion of plates and a reduction in the duration of battery life. The rate of self-discharge of batteries NPC is only 0.1% per day at a temperature of 20 ° C, which allows to extend the storage period authorized.
A few NP batteries: NPC17-12, NPC24-12NPC38- 12

The TEV range:

The range TEV offers all the advantages of the range NPC only in 12v 18Ah to 36Ah

A few TEV batteries: TEV12180TEV12120

The YPC range:

The range Yu-PowerYUASA ™ offers low-maintenance batteries, which, associated with the use of high yield plates and separators unique systems allow a number of cycles twice as many as with conventional batteries of the same type.
Available in 12v, 5Ah to 100Ah they have a greater capacity with the same footprint than standard cyclic batteries.
They have a wide scope of application:

  • Power tools
  • Caddies/Golf carts
  • Lawn mowers
  • Electrically assisted wheelchairs
  • Power supplies
  • Applications and lighting instruments
  • Portable device
  • Solar applications
  • Scooters for disabled people
  • Mobility aids

Ex: YPC14-12

The range YUCEL

The entry-level at YUASA batteries Yucel have not less than all the qualities from its big sister of the NP range.

Sealed stationary batteries lead to gas recombination, regulated by valves.
This range of batteries 200Ah 0.8Ah Yucel is designed for general applications in floating.

  • Waterproof
  • Immobilization of electrolyte system AGM
  • Operation in all positions except upside down
  • More than 99% gas recombination
  • Safety valves low pressure
  • Maintenance-free

YUASA also manufactures a wide range of cylindrical elements NiCd and NiMh. Yuasa offers some of the highest capacity available on the market.
All Yuasa cylindrical elements can be connected together to form higher power packs. According to the quantities required, just about any configuration can be obtained.
Feel free to contact us for more information on fitting the Yuasa elements by clicking here.


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