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Published on 09/15/2015

PowerPacks Bosch batteries are available in 300, 400, and 500 Wh on frame or rack for the lines Active Line Performance Line and classic Line. The high energy density, exceptional mileage, the long service life, low weight and easy handling make the best batteries for electric bikes with the DRIVE UNIT system

Comparison of Powerpack Bosch batteries

 PowerPack 300PowerPack 400PowerPack 500
MountBattery frame / battery rackBattery frame / battery rackBattery frame / battery rack
Voltage (V)36 V36 V36 V
Capacity (Ah)8.2 ah11 ah13.4 ah
Energy (Wh)300 Wh400 Wh500 Wh
Weight (kg)2 kg / 2.4 kg2.5 kg / 2.6 kg2.6 kg / 2.7 kg

PowerPack 300 and 400

What defined the pack batteries Powerpack 300 and 400 It is above all the reliability and the low self-discharge.

The Battery Management System (abbreviated to BMS) protects the batteries against overload, undervoltage, and overheating. High-quality Single-Cell Monitoring (SCM) measures the voltage of each individual cell.
The PowerPack 400 and 300 are lithium-ion batteries with 300 Wh and 400 Wh nominal power. They are available in each case version Active or Performance. Whatever the attachment system - removal and charging the batteries is simple.


Lowest weight in its class


Charging time:

Fastest charging of all eBike batteries


Simple handling thanks to handle and mount

Service life:

Battery Management System and individual cell monitoring for a long battery life

Ergonomic design – perfect handling:

Thanks to the handle and mount, the batteries can be easily inserted and removed again. The only thing easier is charging the PowerPacks directly on the pedelec.

Easy to store and charge – anytime and anywhere:

Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects. This means the PowerPacks can also be partially recharged at any time – without affecting the service life.

Bosch PowerPack 500

The new more powerful battery

With greater autonomy, the new PowerPack 500 is the ideal choice for e-mountain bike, demanding cyclists, hikers, and all those who want to browse longer distances.

The lithium-ion PowerPack500 battery has all the qualities: his weight and size compared to its energy density make it the most powerful in its class.
Also available in two format on framework or in rackthe PowerPack 500 is available in the range PERFORMANCE and ACTIVE.


500 Wh energy content             

Optimized charging behavior:

Full charge in approx. 4.5 h, 50% in < 2 h

Best in class:

40-cell packs with the highest energy density (190 Wh/kg) on the market and the lowest weight and volume. More power with an unchanged size as compared to PowerPack 400.

High-energy and high-power cells:

The Bosch PowerPacks combine high power and high performance. In this way you can travel long distances and climb even the steepest mountains.

Charger PowerPack Bosch

Bosch Chargers are compact, lightweight, and rugged. And above all, really fast. To allow you to enjoy your eBike experience without interruption, you do not necessarily need 230 volts: While traveling you can charge your pedelec with the Travel Charger on the cigarette lighter of a car or motorhome.

Load sector   Charger
Load current4A2A
Voltage230 V12 V
Size190 x 86 x 54 mm190 x 86 x 54 mm
Weight800 gr500 gr
Charging time

-300 Wh: 50% approx.. 1 h,
100% approx.. 2.5 h

-400 Wh: 50% approx.. 1.5 hours
100% approx.. 3.5 h

-500 Wh: 50% approx.. 2 h,
100% approx.. 4.5 h

-300 Wh: 50% approx.. 2.1 h
100% approx.. 5 h

-400 Wh: 50% approx.. 2.8 hours
100% approx.. 6.5 h

-500 Wh: 50% approx.. 3.5 h,
100% approx.. 7.5 h

With the Charger Bosch, the PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400 are fully charged in only 2.5 and 3.5 hours. The new PowerPack reaches 500 full charge in less than 4.5 hours. The 50% load takes about 1 hour with the PowerPack 300, 1.5 hours with the PowerPack 400, and about 2 hours with the PowerPack 500.

The Charger Adapter provides flexibility and allows you to charge the Classic+ PowerPacks with the Charger of the Active and Performance Line.


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