Why do repackage its battery?

Published on 09/25/2015


You return your old battery to a second life even if it is outdated. Regardless of the brand or the model we can redo it.

You pay that new components and not the entire farm (boxes, connectors, etc...)

The repackaging of the batteries of your drills, screwdrivers, drills of all markings, or other hand-held devices, lets you achieve up to 50% savings compared to purchasing a new battery pack.

Environmentally friendly:

Reconditioning to throw only the bare necessities. The plastic components are therefore reused in order to extend their life expectancy.

Used rechargeable cells are recycled through the collection of the company Corepile (Li-ion, NiMh, NiCd and lead). Treatment to enhance more than 5000 tons of metals annually. For 1 ton of alkaline batteries, Corepile retrieves and 330kg of zinc and zinc compounds and 240kg of iron and nickel alloys


Rechargeable batteries used for repackaging are all brands, SAFT, PANASONIC and SAMSUNG. So you get very often an equal quality see more than the original battery.

Repackaging is custom made, there's no preparation before sending in your farm. Thus fitting perfectly adapts to your battery model.

Batteries4pro.com follows a rigorous process. Once reconditioned, your batteries are systematically tested before you be redispatched. They are guaranteed 1 year against defects in repackaging (repackaging focuses exclusively on the electrical part)


A battery reconditioning is treated within 24 hours after receipt in our workshops. And it is surroundings 5 days to find your battery, taking into account the transport.

The carriage of your battery:

To be able to recondition your battery we need it in our workshops. For this you can use the post colissimo service. If you have a good colissimo you can choose removal in mailbox. 

The return will be done also by GLS, where you can choose between the post office, the relay packages, or your mailbox.



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