Quickly renovate your electric bike batteries, all brands, all voltages.

Published on 06/16/2016

What is the renovation of your electric bike battery?

Your VAE electric bike battery has more and more evil to finish the route which once posed no problem? The battery life is no longer enough large despite full refills? It is time to renovate your battery!

The renovation, or reconditioning is a simple and effective way to give a second life to your battery.

In addition the manufacturer of your EAV may exist either the model or the battery type is obsolete. It has no other choice than to recondition your battery.

The principle is simple:

  1. You send us your bike battery in advanced state of fatigue, accompanied by his charger.
  2. We change the internal components of your battery, we test it with your charger.
  3. We refer the battery completely reboostee!

Thanks to the different choice of voltage we can renovate all electric bike with 24V batteries, 25.8V, 36V, 48V regardless of the brand, and in a minimum of time.

The choice of the amperage will allow you to increase your battery life. For example an origin 8Ah battery can become a 14.5Ah battery and will allow to browse more than 80% of distance and more.

From the battery to replace that you will entrust us with, we will keep the box, connectors and wiring; battery cells and electronic channels will be sorted, stored, then entrusted to a local recycling Agency.

The items chosen for the renovation of your battery are first choice and all of the design, Assembly, test and Assembly work is done in France.

The battery is guaranteed 1 year regardless of the brand of your bike. 

Free Chinese design brand batteries are also renovables, with a definite improvement of the quality. 

In 1 week you will find a power and autonomy as the first day. 

Change the NiMh Li-ion battery for?

In some cases it is possible to transform your old bike NiCd or NiMh battery Li-ion battery. You will have a gain of weight, power and longevity. A specific loader will then be proposed with the Lithium-Ion battery to change nothing in your operating habits.

Then, because it is ecologically and economically, instead of throwing a battery full, give us your old battery. We guarantee you complete satisfaction and a new life for your bike.


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