It of spring, get out the e-bike!

Published on 04/10/2017

Checklist for hit the road with your electric bicycle:

  • The e-bike 

Check the general condition of the bike.

Clean with soapy water and a cloth body of the bike. Prohibition to use the jet of water!
Make sure that all parts are tight.

Certainly you have stored your battery of EAB, the dark and at room temperature!
For your new ride, perform a full charge to your battery to check its operation.

  • Tires 

Your electric bike is heavier, faster. It is therefore equipped with suitable tyre. It is recommended to inflate tires with 4 bars to avoid overeating your battery. Before driving, check the condition of your tires.

  • The brakes

Check the operation of the brakes before each outputs.

  • The saddle

Check the status of your saddle. Test it again. Is always comfortable? You have small journeys by bike, or long walk?

It is mandatory for your safety, check your VAE lights front and rear. At the end of the night, think about your visibility equipping a headlamp.

  • The helmet 

It is not mandatory for adults but strongly recommended.

Reminder: Since March 2017, the bike helmet is compulsory for children under 12 years old. «Failure to respect this rule, adults transporting or accompanying the children face a fine of 135 euros.» (cf.) The world)

Choose your Electric Bicycle battery based on its technology:

Electric bikes to lead batteries :

It is possible that your lead battery has suffered a deep discharge without use or monthly maintenance charge.
Unscrew the plastic of your battery. Get out, if possible the batteries of their housing.
Notice the characteristics of the battery, the voltage (V), capacity (Ah), the battery number and dimensions.

Using its information, you can make your search on our site in the lead category, and find the corresponding batteries in your bike.

Electric bikes to NiCd batteries:

Your bike is an Assembly of accumulators in NiCd cells.
If, despite your full loads, your battery no longer provides enough power,
If she undergoes a partial destruction or complete after a deep discharge.
It's probably time for a change.
This technology can be easily assembled in our workshop. We manufacture batteries of bike in with professional-quality accumulators NICD.

You have an electric bike type YAMAHA NOT or PANASONIC NKY121B01, we can make your battery compatible electric bike in NICD.

Electric bikes to NiMh batteries: 

Your electric bike is an Assembly of accumulators in NiMh cells.
After several years of cycles in charges and discharges, the elements do not work at full capacity, may be due to the overload.

We offer two solutions for your VAE in NiMh battery change:

  1. Your battery reconditioning: send us your battery of electric bicycle, we change the internal components by new high quality NiMh cells. This process is used for all brands of battery electric bike in orHD.
  2. We make a compatible battery you install easily in your battery box in place of the old through the lugs to be welded (type MATRA or YAMAHA)

Electric bikes to battery Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Po:

After good and loyal service, your battery no longer has energy?

For the electric bikes BOSCH batteries, We recommend our wide range of batteries and BOSCH Chargers original POWERPACK ACTIVE and PERFORMANCE, to choose wear baggage or framework.

For more information on BOSCH batteries, we recommend: Choose my bike BOSCH battery

You don't know the brand of your electric bike with Lithium battery?

Note the tension (T) and (V) your electric bike battery capacity:

  • Voltage for the refurbishment of your battery VAE following the old: 24 V or 36V

  • Possible capacity depending on the size of the shell of your battery: 8Ah, 11Ah, 14.5Ah, 17Ah, 20.3Ah

Send us your battery bike with its charger with the good free colissimo, we replace the old batteries in battery by new cells of professional quality.

Your electric bike will be ready for new adventures!

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