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Published on 10/9/2017

Battery lithium 3.6V AAA, AA, C, D

used in alarms, testers, machine tools, the 3.6V lithium batteries have the main advantage of having a large period of use; The tension remains constant until the end of battery life, and the storage time can be up to 10 years.

Attention, the lithium 3.6V type LS14500, lsh14 or LSH20 batteries have a voltage of 3.6V even if the format is identical to an alkaline battery, the difference of 2.1V voltage could damage your devices. 

LS14250 1/2AA 

LS14500 AA



Button battery for remote control / alarm

The most widely used lithium 3V battery is the CR2032. This standard of the lithium 3V button battery has many applications: alarm, remote portal. remote control car, pendant transmitter, blood glucose meter, lamp front, dog collar, weighs, watchmaking, lighting.

With its diameter of 20mm and 3.2 mm thick it is available in many versions with pimples to solder on the circuit boards, vertical, horizontal, with 3 pimples ... 

The other range CR lithium batteries have specific characteristics and are not interchangeable.

Batteries for electronic Applications / Clock Radio / backup

Battery lithium 1.5V alkaline battery vs

The alkaline 1.5V is the most used technology in most devices. But can you will have more energy and time needs usage? The lithium 1.5V battery has all the useful features to power your device over a long period.

as stated above, do not confuse the battery 3.6 V and lithium 1.5V battery which may be in lieu of the alkaline 1.5V, even if it has the same format.

Why choose battery lithium 1.5V LR6 or LR3 format in alkaline battery replacement?  



Alkaline 1.5V

Lithium 1.5V battery

Type of Applications

devices that consume energy on a regular basis

Specially designed for mobile applications


 1 to 5 years

Lasts up to 8 times longer than the standard AA alkaline


 11gr to 140gr

Up to 38% lighter than alkaline batteries


 10 years

A warranty of 15 years in storage



Lithium: Contains no mercury, lead or cadmium; a green product!


Suitable for camera, Flash, remote control, alarm
Varta lithium technology guarantees a life foolproof (durability in all conditions, cold, heat...)   


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