Maintenance and storage of garden batteries

Published on 03/30/2018

Spring is here and it's time to give a freshness to your garden for sunny days. But this part of pleasure can be stopped if after the long winter break your mower, tiller, trimmer or hedge trimmer no longer work.

Batterie Jardin

Repairable failure or replacement to be expected?
No need to be alarmed, your battery is perhaps simply. To check, you have several choices:

  • For NiCd or NiMh technology, use a multimeter (measuring device, volts, amps and the voltage at the terminals of the electric circuit) by connecting the Red wire to the (+) Terminal and the black Terminal (-) wire to your battery poles. If the final voltage is lower than listed on the battery case it means that the battery is end of life;
  • In the case of a lead batteryYou can bypass it using car ignition wires. Simply plug them in to a charged battery. For your safety, we recommend that you start with the black cable (-) and then the red cable (+).

If after testing your battery still does not work, it must be in a State of deep discharge, therefore, replace it. But make no mistake, this is not necessarily more expensive than buying new garden tools.

With, purchase your replacement battery original manufacturer)BOSCH, GARDENA, HITASHI, YUASAetc.) or compatible. And if you can't find your model, feel free to contact us so that we reconditionnions your battery with new accumulators (quotation on request by sending references and photos at

    To conclude and avoid finding yourself down every year, we recommend some useful actions:

  • Remove the battery (charged) tool when you run the utility in winter;
  • Reactivate the battery every two months in your device;
  • Store the battery in a dry and cool place (20 ° C) during the inactivity of the tool. Beware, a climate too hot may to discharge.

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