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Published on 04/23/2014

Electrotherapy is a treatment technique which allows to act on the muscles and nerves from a generator of electrostimulation.

Mainly used in physiotherapy to alleviate joint, muscle and tendon pain, electrostimulation is also highly appreciated by athletes wishing to develop the performance of their muscles.

Compatible batteries that we offer are all carried out by our technicians in our workshops.

They are in all respects identical to origins with a more significant small batteries: a higher amperage.

Higher amperage = increased autonomy ! ; )

Our compatible batteries for devices Compex     

The Compex is a unit used for the physical preparation, muscle recovery, rehabilitation or the treatment of pain. It allows to customize the stimulation parameters depending on the physical condition of the individual.          

Our compatible batteries for devices Cefar

The Cefar is a stimulator fitness divided into 3 families of exercises: Fitness, sports and well-being.

Our compatible batteries for devices Datavein

The Datavein ® is an external unit of the nervous and lymphatic systems. It offers action drainage and rehabilitation on the venous and lymphatic circuits.

Our compatible batteries for Sport-Elec

Sport-Elec is a unit used by sportsmen, professionals and enthusiasts for physical preparation, to relieve pain or to complete the rehabilitation

Our compatible batteries for devices Slendertone

The Slendertone is a fitness advised people who wish to tone up, refine and firm up.

Our compatible batteries for camera Chattanooga

The Chattanooga is a device used in the medical community that offers various programs of rehabilitation.


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