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Published on 04/24/2014

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What is the battery?

The battery is in the heart of the electrical system, the ignition and start the bike. The charging circuit is composed of the alternator and the battery. These 2 elements are joined together by electrical cables. The alternator provides power to the battery when the engine is started. If the battery is tired, she accumulated more energy supplied by the alternator and it assured failure. She asked so regular maintenance, in order to ensure the longest life possible, knowing that his life expectancy can fluctuate between 2 years and 6 years.

Simplified diagram of the charging circuit:

Schéma simplifié du circuit de charge

Different types of batteries

There are 3 broad categories of batteries:

  • Battery lead opened with maintenance : easily identifiable, she control plugs and electrolyte filling. It is usually translucent in order to check the acid level. This battery requires regular maintenance.
  • Lead battery sealed maintenance free : This battery is sealed and maintenance-free, because it is sealed and that we can no longer add fluid after commissioning. Pour the acid into the battery for starting.
  • Lead maintenance-free gel battery : it comes ready to use. It is a completely sealed battery, which requires no special maintenance. It has the advantage of working in any position without risk of flow.

Check the status of the battery

  •   Check the level of acid (for the maintenance-free lead acid batteries) and complete only with demineralized water.
  •   To maintain a sufficient level of support, remember to recharge your battery once a month.
  •   In the event of downtime, remember to disconnect one of your battery terminals. Or better to disconnect the battery and store it in a dry and heated.


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