Pack 10 batteries for AED more ZOLL

Voltage (V): 3
Capacity (Ah): 1.6
Technology: Li-Ion LiMnO2
Weight (Kg): 0.160
Type: Cell

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Voltage (V): 3
Capacity (Ah): 1.6
Technology: Li-Ion LiMnO2
Weight (Kg): 0.160
Type: Cell

Batch of 10 batteries DURACELL DL123A

For AED automated external defibrillator more ZOLL

The test of the defibrillator function checks every 7 days the batteries contain at least 50% of their total load

  • Batteries must be used before the expiration date printed on the package and must be checked periodically for if make sure that they are outdated (expiry date).

Procedures for coding of dates Duracell:
The first character is a number indicating the year of manufacture:
Example: 7 = 1997, 6 = 1996 etc.
The second character is a letter between A and L, indicating the month of manufacture:
Example: A = January, B = February etc. up to L for December.

Procedure of change of batteries

  • Check that the power is turned off. Open the battery compartment by removing the cover of this compartment in the rear of the unit.
  • Remove all of the batteries and discard appropriately. Place the and new batteries in the battery compartment taking into account the polarity marking and checking that all batteries are correctly in place oriented properly. When 5-9 first batteries are placed in the compartment, the device sounds the 'Put the batteries up' message reminding you to install the remaining batteries in the battery compartment.
  • After installing new batteries, should press the battery reset button inside the battery compartment when the appliance shows it. Press this button to reset the battery indicator to reflect a full load.

Never put batteries in the camera. You must replace the 10 batteries at a time. Do not replace battery isolation. The unit can only discern if the replacement of batteries affects batteries all or only a few batteries. The use of batteries which are not fully charged is likely to interfere with the operation of the appliance at the time of resuscitation. DO not press the reset button batteries if all batteries are not new. The Unit considers while it's the same batteries as those that come with being removed.

Note If the user does not support the battery reset button within 15 seconds after the installation of all batteries, the device assumes that the batteries installed in the unit were withdrawn temporarily and are not fully charged.

  • EAN : 3052351240694
  • Voltage (V): 3
  • Capacity (Ah): 1.6
  • Technology: Li-Ion LiMnO2
  • Weight (Kg): 0.160
  • Type: Cell
Par (ANNEUX, France) le 02 Oct. 2022 (Pack 10 batteries for AED more ZOLL) :

Qualité et rapidité

Comme sur la photo, les piles sont bien validité 2031. Réception du colis moins de 24h après avoir passé la commande. C'est du sérieux !

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