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SAFT is the world specialist in the design and production of batteries of high-tech industry. Saft batteries are used in high performance applications, particularly in the infrastructure and industrial processes, transport, defence and space. SAFT is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial nickel-cadmium batteries and batteries primary lithium for various applications. The group is also the first European to specialized for the defense and space technologies. NICKEL-CADMIUM (Ni-Cd) Small Ni - Cd Batteries VR series (Standard range) ERV series (Standard range) Applications cyclical lighting, medical, professional electronics, power tools, household appliances... VT series (High temperature range) Applications dead load inverters, back-up, emergency lighting... VE series VSE sets (High energy range) energy and applications high Medical power, electronics, telecommunications... Ni-Cd Batteries Outstanding wide, SBM, SBH series stationary Industries overall, water, industry, oil and gas, buildings, hospitals, airports, boats, road and rail infrastructure and electricity Ultra low maintenance range: Ultima SLM series SPH series SPL series (Solar & wind power range) MRX series SRX series RS series Rail & Mass Transit board applications SCH S , SCM S series Rail applications NCX series Reseauxtelecom VO, VP, VHP, CVH, VXP, CVD, CVK (main batteries) planes and helicopters STM series all electric vehicles: buses, trucks, compact cars, minivans, scooters, boats STH series all electric vehicles: buses, trucks, compact cars, minivans, scooters, boats YOUR series satellite NICKEL - METAL HYBRID (Ni-MH) VH series energy and applications high power (professional electronics (, mobility, medical, power tools.) NHE (High Energy range) Applications of electric energy for all vehicles, rail transport and transport equipment, telecommunications, offshore installations NHP headquarters (High Power range) hybrid applications: cars, buses, trucks, boats and railway Applications: hybrid tramways. Find all the Saft references through the Reference LEXICON flask table: plastic molded to protect the Assembly of the elements. Side: Mounting side by side. Stick: Fitting end to end. BAES: Autonomous emergency lighting supply. Memoguard: Battery backup memory.

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Par Pascal B. (Wittersheim, France métropolitaine) le 16 Aug. 2022 :


Produit évalué : 3.6V lithium Blue battery battery for Blue Connect Pool Analyzer Plus Pile Lithium reçue conforme au descriptif. Par contre, le fil pour connecter...

Par Gibert A. (Condat sur Vézère, France métropolitaine) le 16 Aug. 2022 :


Produit évalué : Lead battery motorcycle 12V 6Ah 85A DTX7A-BS Dynavolt Produit arrivé rapidement, emballage soigné. J'ai put très vite remettre la...

Par Jacky R. (Champoulet, France métropolitaine) le 16 Aug. 2022 :


Produit évalué : Lead 6V 2.8 Ah NP2.8 Yuasa battery - 6 produit conforme