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Problems with your Stimulator using?

Published on 04/5/2017

You have just received your Compex compatible battery for your device Cefar or Compex and your unit is showing signs of malfunction?

Before contacting the after-sales service of Batteries4proWe suggest you read the article below to check more regularly issues by the manufacturer:

List of the various models of electro stimulators in order of seniority:

Generation 3:

  • Fitness
  • Sport 400
  • Sport 3
  • Top Fitness

Generation 5:

  • Sport mid                             
  • MI Fitness
  • Fitness II
  • Full Fitness
  • Elite sport
  • Runner
  • Energy Mi Ready
  • Body
  • BodyFit
  • Vitality
  • Performance
  • Fit

Generation 4:

  • Sport 500
  • Fitness Trainer mid

Generation 6:

  • DuoFit

Here are the most common problems:

  • Black screen
  • White screen + display "CHECKING FOR RS"
  • The unit does not light

Press the button for 25 seconds on / off until it works (menu of languages will appear)

for generations 4-5-6 (channel 2), for the generation 3 (channel 3), adjust the contrast with the + and the -.

Do not hesitate to reproduce the operation several times in a row 

All our batteries for electrostimulator is guaranteed 1 year from invoice date.

Compatible batteries B4P941210/2 and B4P941213 are specifically designed for devices Cefar or Compex.

The slight shift of the elements is normal, and you don't need to use the black of your original battery case.

For generations 5, if the screen does not light check the metal contacts make good contact with the polarities of the battery. The battery should not wander into the case even when the cover is open.

Always place the battery in the right direction, the pole + being right.

If, despite all indications, your compex does not start yet, we advise you to contact the authorized repairman Compex


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