Bosch drive unit error codes list

Published on 10/31/2019

Excerpt from the original Bosch

Displays and settings on the control computer are only possible if the electric bike battery is on. The control computer itself does not have an electrical power supply.

The Light showing the state of battery charge

In addition to the light on the battery, it is also possible to read the charge status on the f light of the control computer.
On the light, each bar in the battery symbol corresponds to about 20% capacity.
At less than 5% capacity, training assistance is no longer possible.
The LEDs of the light indicating the state of charge of the battery are extinguished.
If the electric bike is powered by battery (depending on the versions of the different countries), the capacity will be sufficient for about 2 hours of lighting after the first
the empty battery symbol.
When the symbol starts to flash, lighting is only possible for a short time.

The elements of the electric bike drive are automatically checked at all times. If an error is detected, the corresponding error code will appear on the e view. Depending on the type of error, the training is eventually automatically stopped. However, it is always possible to continue riding without being assisted by training. It is recommended that the electric bike be checked before other routes.

001Internal control computer errorHave the control computer checked
002One or more keys of
Control computer
are blocked.
Check if the keys are stuck, e.g. by deep dirt. If necessary, clean the keys.
003Control computer connection problemHave connections and connections checked
100Internal error of the training unitHave the training unit checked
101Training unit connection problemHave connections and connections checked
102Speed sensor errorHave the speed sensor controlled
103Lighting connection problemHave connections and connections checked
104Control computer connection problem Have connections and connections checked
105Temperature of the drive unit too high (above 40 oC)Allow the training unit to cool. The continuation of the race without electric bike drive is possible and accelerates the cooling of the training unit.
200Internal battery electronic errorHave the battery checked
201Battery temperature too high (above 40 degrees Celsius)Allow the battery to cool. The continuation of the race without electric bike drive is possible and speeds up the cooling of the battery.
202Battery temperature too low (less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit)Allow the battery to heat up slowly in a warm place.
203Battery connection problemHave connections and connections checked
204False battery polarizationCharge the battery with the original Bosch charger based on the information given in the Bosch's instructions.

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