Published on 06/19/2015

Like many batteries rolling spiral, the ODYSSEY Extreme Series technology range the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) electrolytes to ensure the sealing of acid, which allows to install the battery on its side if appropriate. Available to the plates flat, densely tight one against the other in a farm ODYSSEY Extreme Series avoids any loss of space between the cells in six pack. The surface of the plates thus increased by 15% translates into a higher power! Up to twice the overall power of conventional batteries!

How such power is it possible?

ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries are manufactured with flat plates of pure lead to 99.99% rather than a lead alloy. The pure lead plates are therefore finer, which allows to put more in the farm. A growing number of plates in the ODYSSEY batteries involves a surface of larger plates (plate in compressed TPPL separators). This translates by more power. Even at very low temperatures, the ODYSSEY Extreme batteries have the power to provide greater than 2,250 engine start pulse amps for 5 seconds - from double to triple of conventional batteries of equal size. They are also capable of supporting 400 charge-discharge cycles up to a depth of 80% discharge

Terminals copper coated with a tin alloy
To ensure safe and free of corrosion cable connections, the copper terminals are coated with a high quality tin alloy.

ODYSSEY batteries are suitable for 

Emergency response

  • Police vehicles
  • Fire-fighting vehicles
  • Ambulances

4 x 4 and off-road

  • Vans
  • Vehicles all terrain

Industrial / commercial

  • Farm equipment, lawn and garden
  • Tractor trailers
  • Earthmoving/construction equipment


  • Older vehicles
  • Classic trucks
  • Performance vehicles
  • Competition cars
  • Race cars
  • Drag Racing

Motorcycle and motor sports

  • Motorcycles and ATV
  • Sea Scooter
  • Snowmobile
  • Ultralight aircraft and Gyrocopter

Electronic equipment

  • Audio systems
  • Video systems
  • Auxiliary amplifiers


LIFE EXPECTANCYFROM 8 to 12 years (floating) @ 25?C5 years
LENGTH OF SERVICE3 to 10 years1 to 5 years
ELECTROLYTEDryer no leak, no external corrosionMost are with acid (causing burns and leaks); Some are sealed or "gel".
DURATION OF STORAGE2 years @ 25?C before requiring a refill6 to 12 weeks before requiring a refill
SHIPPINGPossible by aircraft;Land transport; hazardous material classification
END OF LIFEThe battery slowly loses power at the end of life, without serious breakdownLoss of immediate and serious power (which may block you on the spot)

ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries are ready to use at the end of the packaging. If the ODYSSEY Extreme battery voltage is equal or superior to 12.65 V, simply install it in your vehicle for an immediate start! Below 12.65 V, complete load following the instructions of the manual user ODYSSEY Extreme Series and/or the technical manual. The complement of load applied to the battery will not damage it even if the displayed voltage exceeds 12.65 V


To assess the State of charge of an ODYSSEY battery, refer to the following table:

Measured voltage voltmeterState of charge
12.84 v or more100%
12.50 V75%
12.18 V50%
11.88 V25%


Unlike conventional batteries, which require a recharge every six to twelve weeks, the ODYSSEY battery can be stored up to two years at 25ºc if it was loaded 100%. This duration is reduced if the voltage open circuit (OCV) drops to 12V ahead two years.


ODYSSEY ® batteries are very different from open lead batteries. It is fleece, maintenance-free batteries, operating as such in normal operating conditions. No corrosion occurs at the level of the positive terminal or the surrounding area. ODYSSEY batteries come fully charged, but it is worth checking if their voltage is equal or superior to 12.65 V before installing. If this is not the case, recharge the battery in accordance with the following procedure.
Do not charge in a sealed room.
Never attempt to remove the cover; This would cause a malfunction of the battery.

To prolong the life of your ODYSSEY battery, it is important to store it loaded to 100% (approximately 12.8 V). During the period of non-use, the cable connected to the negative terminal must be disconnected or the battery must be kept in charge float voltage with an independent charger that must be adapted to the capacity of the battery.


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